Friday, March 25, 2016

, Ethiopia in Drought Crisis unseen proportion

, Ethiopia in Drought Crisis unseen proportion 

Ethiopia in Drought Crisis
Business Matters
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The Ethiopian government struggles to cope in the face of a devastating drought gripping the country, as more than ten million people are in need of humanitarian food assistance. In neighbouring Somalia, the Shabelle river has run dry for the first time in recorded history. It provides almost all the water for the rice fields in the eastern half of the country - but now children are playing in the riverbed while their parents walk miles to collect water from boreholes. Charlie Mason is Humanitarian Director of Save the Children Ethiopia.

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has been embroiled for months in a financial scandal. Hundreds of millions of dollars went into his personal bank account - but he's refused to resign. He says he's done nothing wrong. Michael Bristow looks at how the Prime Minister has managed to hold on to power.

The latest round of talks between the Syrian government and the opposition groups has broken up for a pre-arranged break - and is due to resume next month. If peace does come after six years of war, one of the most important things to fix will be the plague of landmines and other explosive ordnance. Even after a conflict ends, these endlessly patient killers put a freeze on commerce and agriculture - and kill adults and children with complete impartiality. Hugh Morris - head of the mine clearance company The Development Initiative - talks about the huge challenge ahead.

For the first time, developing countries are spending more on green technology than rich countries. A UN report says a record amount was invested in renewable energy in 2015 - almost 300 billion dollars - with developing countries increasing their funding by 19 percent. Meanwhile in rich countries, the total spend actually fell - despite a big rise in the United States. Profesor Ulf Moslener from the Frankfurt School of Finance is one of the report's authors.

Fergus Nicoll is joined throughout the programme by Angela Mancini, Vice-President of Control Risks, in Singapore, and Ralph Silva of the Silva Research Network in Toronto.

Image: a rotten carcass in the desert. Credit: Getty Images.

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