Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ETHIOPIA: Medrek says ETV documentary ‘untruthful’ » Ethiopian News - Everything that Happens!

Coalition of opposition parties known as ‘Medrek’ says recent Ethiopian Television documentary that disproves BBC’s report on the handling of drought in the nation is not based on truth.

The party in its press conference on Friday said those persons interviewed on BBC earlier have changed their words because the government has enticed them with money to do so.

The Ethiopian Radio and Television Public Relations office for its part stated Medrek’s statement shows the usual disrespect the party has for persons who give truthful information.

ETHIOPIA: Medrek says ETV documentary ‘untruthful’

Medrek also said individuals are labeled as terrorists because of their political attitude.

The party asked for the release of all those who are arrested in connection with terrorism including two Swidish journalists who entered the country with the Ogaden National Liberation Front- a group named terrorist by House of People’s Representatives.

It is to be recalled that the Central Information and Crime Intelligence Directorate with the Federal Police disclosed recently that it has adequate evidence on those suspects arrested for taking part in terrorist acts.

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